Design Objective: 
Create a logo in 3 variations, a cup sleeve, a hanging tag, and an informational card concerning a conservation company for bees. A time constraint of 4 hours to produce all items. There is also a constraint on the usage of colors ranging from 1 to 3 colors. 
Design Overview:
For this project, there were many variables included in the deliverables. The end product was 3 different logos, 1, 2, and 3 color designs. It was introduced with the task of creating a logo and branding elements, such as a cup sleeve, hanging tag, and an informational card. There was a time constraint of 4 hours for this project and attention to detail, as there were many requirements. A clean sans serif typeface is used to play into the idea of the organization of bee colonies. The logomark is also a simplified, geometric bee. The use of the typeface and simplified bee, create this light and airy feeling. 

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