Design Objective:
Create a label series for the new kombucha beverage line at Catawba Farms and any additional marketing items. Also, create a keg collar for each of the new flavors. 

Design Overview:
Our team had the opportunity to work with a local brewery and winery called Catawba Farms. They are creating a new product line which is Kombucha. We were tasked with creating a campaign for the new product launch, which includes a label series, marketing, and merchandising items. We drew inspiration from the Kombucha market, which was vivid and transparent in the items within the drink. This design style is very vibrant and vivid with a vast color palette and every design choice has a meaning and intention behind it. Starting with the primary shapes, these are very loose and free-form, which not only contribute to the fun new style but also imply a resemblance to the SCOBY and bacteria used to make Kombucha. Located inside the shapes are various icons that each represent and give a reference to the process of making kombucha, as well as design elements pulled from the existing logo.
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