Design Objective:
Create an original app concept that solves a problem and design the interface, logo, and iconography used within the app. Produce a functioning prototype of the idea and complete user testing. Compile all the findings and research into a branded booklet for the app.

Design Overview: 
Align is a personality app designed to curate tips to better the lives of the user, which are specific to the end-user. The app features several personality tests to choose from to learn more about the person using the app and discover tips along the way. The difference between align and other personality apps is Align offers all-in-one testing options! End-users also have the option to learn about other personalities as well, only after the user(s) type has been discovered. In the app, there are personality tests ranging from the enneagram to Myers-Briggs, which will provide a better insight into the curated tips. With the completion of more tests, the more specific and personable the tips become. The app will work on a freemium basis, meaning it is free upfront but in order to access all different tests, there will be a charge. The branding of the app was inspired by the mind, body, and spirit. The color palette features an eye-catching lime green paired with cooler tones of purple and navy. The blue color is to provide a sense of calm and the purple is to create serenity and peace. Again tying into the app concept itself as being motivational and uplifting. 
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